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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nice Breakdown Of State's Digital Marketing Presence

I mentioned "Google Alerts" in the previous post, and it's a fantastic service for finding random off-the-wall gems that you would never otherwise come across.

Perfect example: Andy Pawlowski's team-by-team breakdown (and ranking) of how schools in the ACC utilize the digital environment to market their programs.

State comes in at #8 out of 12. I suppose that's pretty fair. GoPack.com is a solid -- if not always user friendly -- website, but other current forms of digital marketing like Twitter and Facebook are being used somewhat haphazardly. There are blogs to be had from folks in the Athletics department, but they tend to be updated randomly and are tough to find on the website, as are the links to the various N.C. State Twitter accounts.
#8. North Carolina State

I'm going to change things up a little. First, I'm going to hit you with the program's digital scouting report. Then, I'll hit you with the details. I hope you like this!

Strengths: The URL, GoPack.com, is great. The site offers blogs for AD Lee Fowler, Men's Sports, and Women's Sports. There is a great Twitter directory, by sport, and access to the Department Twitter and Facebook is elevated to the home page.

Weaknesses: The breakdown of blogs by men's and women's sports may fit the NC State org structure, but it leaves a lot to be desired. The Twitter directory is great but super hard to find. No easy access to the Basketball Twitter feed inside the Basketball section.
It's good stuff, and it's an honest outsider's opinion on State's digital marketing footprint. I think State stands a lot to gain by improving its standing in this arena, and it's a fix that's relatively easy compared to the biggest PR boost for an athletics program -- consistent winning.

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