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Friday, February 29, 2008

Hey! Someone else is pissed at his players, too!


Looks like Sidney's not the only coach these days upset about his team's rebounding and effort level. Who says women's basketball isn't fiery at times?

After watching it a few times, I'm going on record of saying the opening 15 seconds of this clip is one of the best openings of a postgame presser in sports history:

:01 -- The paper slam. From the very first frame, the post game stats get the business. It's forceful, angry and downright clumsy. In a word, perfect.

:04 -- "That's how I feel." Yeah, no kidding. Lemme guess: Pissed?

:05 -- The sheepish reporter/sports information director rushing in to place a recorder on the podium. Nothing says, "Oh sh*t!" like fearfully chucking up a $65 digital recorder onto a podium just to get the hell out of the way as soon as possible.

:07-:15 -- Blink Fest. I guess there's something about being in a blind rage that makes you blink uncontrollably. At one point, coach's eyelids seem to give out on him from sheer fatigue as he keeps them closed for a full second. If it's possible to pull an eyelid muscle, dude got really close to pulling it off.

Coach Mike Gundy salutes you!

P.S. This dude looks like Ed Harris.

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So yeah, this year pretty much sucks...


If you're a State fan and managed to go this whole basketball season without keeping up with the team, and are looking for news on it, and--instead of, oh, say, www.gopack.com--you came here first for the lowdown, first off, welcome back to civilization (call your mom--she's worried) and unfortunately, our team sucks.

"No way!" you say, as you put away your souvenir Survivor t-shirt given to you from Jeff Probst. "We were picked to finish third in the league!"

Well, it's kind of tough to explain where, exactly, things went wrong. Have a seat. (Have you gotten your vaccinations yet, BTW? If not, get off my couch.)

First, the guard issue. As you probably remember, our guards were called into question heading into the year, but many experts felt like one of two things would happen: A) One of the group of Farnold Degand, Javier Gonzalez (aka Javier Lopez...long story) or Marques Johnson would pan out to be an average ACC-caliber point guard, or B) the inclusion of J.J. Hickson into the front court of Costner and McCauley would be such a dominant force that any deficiencies at point guard would be minimized.

To say that was an errant assumption is like saying camping out in the Kongo is somewhat challenging, am I right?!? High five on the Kongo!

Neither scenario worked out, unfortunately. Degand showed the most promise and was promptly cut down by a knee injury before the season even really got off the ground. Gonzalez showed glimpses of promise at times but never evolved into a threat over the course of the year and Johnson really just earn a participation badge and not much else.

Then there's the chemistry issues. From the moment Hickson was anointed as the next great thing in Wolfpack sports, this team has been one giant puss-filled cancerous growth. Costner seemed to sulk from the moment the first ball was thrown up. McCauley started the season playing very few minutes and stewed constantly on the bench. He looked good in limited minutes early, earned more playing time, and then proceeded to get a case of the Whateverthehellisgoingons that the rest of the squad is suffering from. Hickson played well--even dominant--in early season play, but once the ACC season started he began looking merely average at times, especially going against the better post players in the league.

And coach Lowe hasn't won many fans over this year, either. It seems like he's tried to mix things up to find a blend that works, but so far it hasn't worked. The team obviously has quit giving effort on the court, and if Sidney had any hair, he would've pulled every last one of them from his scalp. He hasn't found a way to reach his team and has now started calling out some of the players on the squad, if not in name, by group ("the starters"). One wonders if he ever can regain this team's trust and willingness to follow. That seems like one of the toughest things to ask a coach to do--just ask Matt Doherty.

So, welcome back. Just remember...spring football is right around the corner.

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Obligatory first blog post


Welcome. You've stumbled upon yet another N.C. State sports blog. There's a million of 'em.

Why? Well, I think it stems from the fact that State fans are A) highly passionate about State sports and B) are generally more technically savvy than your average alumni/student base.

We're a school that cranks out computer nerds and engineers by the hundreds each summer and winter. We also have a rich athletic history that's fallen on hard times of late. As a result, there's a lot of keyboard hammerin' going on in the Raleigh area these days, feverishly looking for the reason or an answer.

This monkey is no different.

I don't claim to have any answers, for the most part. I don't know that the big questions surrounding State sports really have any. But I'll hash some things out from time to time and hopefully get a little discussion generated as a result.

So kick back, keep your VHS copy of the '83 season handy...it promises to be a bumpy ride.

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