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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Message Board Quote-O-Teh Day


On a thread regarding the N&O's article on the College Inn, poster oldwuf had this to say of journalists:
I think we all need to recognize the level of intellect we're dealing with when it comes to "journalists". This is not a profession ( and I use that term very loosely ), that requires an abundance of cerebral power. The vast majority of those "journalists" I have come in contact with are only a hair away from being drunks, drug or porn addicts.

"Journalists" are a sad crowd.....lives without meaning, totally void of accomplishment. It must be a very sad existence to know on your death bed that the most significant achievement in your pathetic life is a stack of newprint speckled with half truths and outright lies that flowed from that pea sized brain.

I would be angry, I should be angry.... but I just shake my head in sorrow that such sad creatures as "journalists" exist. Perhaps some group of rock stars will gather and play a benefit concert to raise money to save these wretched beings. I know, let's all join hands and sing "Kum ba yah", say a prayer, ask for devine guidance that might help these poor souls.

Naaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...... let 'em fester and rot. My garden needs to be fertilized and Chippy & company do a good job of spreading it around. You know who I really feel sorry for? The parents that wasted money on a college education for these "journalists". Talk about a worthless investment!
Bobby Knight...is that you?

¡Viva La Internet!

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Thoughts from the Spring Game


  • Fantastic crowd. According to www.gopack.com, 15,273(or so) loyal Pack fans crammed into the western seats of Carter Finley to watch Saturday's scrimmage. I'm always proud of the fact that no other school in North Carolina gets behind football in the kind of numbers like we do.

  • Quarterbacks: Burke's stock rose, Wilson's fell and Beck's stayed about where it was, which is to say I've never felt that high on him to begin with. Beck continually stared down his receiver on nearly every snap and rarely went through any progressions. Burke, on the other hand, looked much more poised in the pocket and did a much better job going through his reads. Wilson showed the nervousness of someone who'd never taken snaps in front of a large audience. He missed a few open receivers and looked shaky in the pocket. It's worth noting that he's splitting time with the baseball team, as well, so when he can focus 100% on football he may improve. He did show an element of escapability that none of our other quarterbacks posses. That may help him when fall practice starts and TOB faces the tough test of deciding on the QB among the five choices (Beck, Burke, Evans, Glennon, Wilson) in front of him.

  • Running backs: It's tough to say; with Baker and Brown both out with injuries, Jamelle Eugene was the only scholarship RB available for much action. He did look solid carrying the ball, outrunning defenders on the edges to turn would-be losses into 5-7 yard gains.

  • Wide Receivers: Donald Bowens. Donald Bowens, Donald Bowens, Donald Bowens. This junior has the opportunity to really blossom into one of the great Pack WRs in the vein of Torry Holt, Jerricho Cotchery, etc. He's got the size and speed to catch just about every pass, and on Saturday he bailed out his QB on more than one occasion. If our QB settles into a comfortable, solid status then I think Bowens could have a huge year. The question is who will step up to fill the role of the #2 receiver to take the pressure off him. That will likely be settled in the fall.

  • Line play: Eh. Tough to say. I can't say one unit looked better than the other. The defensive line didn't dominate our offensive line or get much pressure on the QBs--it's a glass half-empty/half-full scenario depending on your perspective. If I had to give the edge to one group it probably would be to the offensive line, given that typically your defense is ahead of your offense this time of year. That they fought to a scratch means the offensive line overcame that minor edge the defense supposedly possesses. But splitting hairs that thin is really, really trying to find something.

  • Funnel Cakes: Smell great cooking.

  • Posters/rosters: FINALLY, someone in charge got the right idea to put someone in charge of distribution to limit two posters per person. Why it took this long to get that done, I'll never know, but kudos to whoever made that call. So many more folks got posters this year (read: me) than have in the past because of it.

Now football goes into hibernation for the longest four months of the year. Yuck.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Football Game This Saturday @ 1:00


Spring is in the air and pollen is on the cars...must be time for spring football!

State will conclude their spring practice session with a scrimmage open to the public to be held this Saturday at Carter-Finley at 1:00 p.m.

I've got to admit, I'm a much bigger believer of the way TOB is running the Spring Game than did Amato. Here's a quote from the story found at www.packpride.com:

Opening Thoughts:
The Spring Game is Saturday at 1:00. We will try to run the game similar to what we did last year and separate into teams. There will be no kickoffs or kick off returns and we'll definitely kick field goals and extra points if we're able to score. We will punt and punt return if we're healthy enough to do that phase of the game.

The teams will be split up on Friday morning after we get the injury report after Thursday's practice to see how we can best separate up. We'll play like we did last year, normal 15-minute quarters and game conditions for the first half and then we'll play a running clock in the second half just because we don't have enough bodies to last a whole game.

It's always good to play a game. Something always happens within the framework of a game that you just really can't simulate on the practice field even though you try. Every year something comes up that I think is real good for the football team one way or another.

I never was a big Amato basher, but when he switched the Spring Game from the "game" format to the Day Of Champions, with the tests of strength and agility in the RBC Center, I was thoroughly non-plussed. What am I supposed to take from the team heading into the summer by watching Adrian Wilson show off his ridiculous vertical leap? I'm impressed, of course, but that doesn't answer any questions about the team.

That last bold quote from TOB is EXACTLY what you want to hear from your coach. He's looking for every last opportunity to prepare his team for any and every gametime scenario that may arise.

We've got a FOOTBALL coach, folks.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Pack takes two of three from Duke


The Pack posted wins on Saturday and Sunday after losing on Friday to take the homes series with Duke over the weekend at the Doak.

Ryan Pond continued his strong hitting at the plate on Sunday, going 3-for-5 with 4 RBIs.

Here's how the ACC baseball standings look as of April 14th. The Pack's second in a weak Atlantic Division headed up by FSU, while the Coastal goes four-deep with strong teams.

School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Florida State 17-1 .944 31-3 .912
NC State 10-7 .588 23-11 .676
Wake Forest 6-11 .353 13-21 .382
Clemson 6-12 .333 18-17 .514
Maryland 5-13 .278 20-17 .541
Boston College 5-13 .278 18-17 .514
School Conference Pct. Overall Pct.
Miami 15-1 .938 30-3 .909
North Carolina 13-4 .765 29-7 .806
Virginia 11-7 .611 29-9 .763
Georgia Tech 9-9 .500 26-10 .722
Duke 5-12 .294 23-12 .657
Virginia Tech 3-15 .167 15-21 .417

The big game coming up this week at home is a one-game matchup with East Carolina Tuesday night. State beat the Pirates earlier this month, so no doubt the Pirates will be looking to exact some revenge. Should be a good one, especially as well as State has been hitting as of late.

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pack baseball 2nd in Atlantic division, 4th overall in conference


The Pack baseball team is heating up. They've won six straight at this point, and currently reside in second place in the Atlantic division at 8-6 (20-9 overall).

Ryan Pond picked up some plaudits this week, as well, being named ACC Baseball Player of the Week on Monday and National Hitter of the Week on Tuesday after batting a blistering .600 to guide State to a 5-0 record last week, including wins over East Carolina and a sweep of Wake Forest.

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Friday, April 4, 2008

25 years ago today...


...I was probably playing with Transformers or GI Joes, unaware of what would transpire that evening.

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Message Board Quote-O-Teh Day


Regarding TOB moving two defensive linemen to the offensive line this offseason:

Any moves on the O-Line by TOB are perfect, the guy knows what he is talking about. If TOB wanted to start an O-Line with Russell Wilson, Daniel Evans, J-Burke, WR Evans and Jeff Ruiz to add "quickness", I still wouldnt question his logic :-p


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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Rock, Chalk, um ... kick Carolina's ass


I think that's how it goes.

So goes, too, the life of a bitter State fan. I've grown softer in my old(er) age, what with a wife and two kids and all, but I just can't ever seem to bring myself to pull for Carolina.

Carolina fans will say, "Oh, you're just being silly. When State's in the tournament, I pull for them! Don't you want to see the ACC win another National Championship?"

That's a load of crap. All that's code for, "You're a State fan. You pull for a team that hasn't been a threat to us in 20 years. You could win five straight against us and still not put a dent in our series lead. Root for us to win it all so you can receive some measure of residual glory bestowed upon us."

Anytime a Carolina fan asks me (or asks you -- you should try this) if they're pulling for them in the tournament, ask them if they pulled for Duke against West Virginia. Watch their tune change then.

Some may insist that, yes, they pulled for Duke to win. I like to call those people liars. But on the off chance that there was a Carolina fan pulling for Duke against the 'Neers, my guess is that it was for the self-serving reason of potenitally meeting Duke in the title game (however far-fetched that may have been).

Asking a State fan to pull for Carolina is exactly like asking a Duke fan to pull for Carolina, or for a Carolina fan to pull for Duke.

In other words, it ain't happening.

Why would I want to see another title banner hanging from the Dean Dome? Because in some vague way that helps us? Our conference? Yeah, we may get an extra $50-$100K in NCAA tournament payout money over the long haul, but so what. It's worth $100K NOT to see another banner--a REAL fifth national title--in the Dean Dome. That's just one more title we have to win to catch up and even the score.

So go Jayhawks. Rock, Chalk, whatever. Carolina, from hell's heart I stab at thee, via Bill Self.

Bitter State Fans
Bittertown, USA

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