We've Moved!

We've Moved!
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The End Of YANCSSB; New Beginnings


This is the final post at Yet Another NC State Sports Blog.

I've made the decision to pick up shop and move from the Blogger.com domain over to Wordpress.com. I've been contemplating a move to Wordpress for quite some time now; this seemed like the time to make the move.

Also, let's be honest..."Yet Another N.C. State Sports Blog" is a mouthful.

I picked the name way back when as a pithy way to jump into a relatively crowded State blogging community. I guess I anticipated writing a few things here or there. I didn't anticipate it growing like it has, generating some ad revenue and plenty of good discussion over the last two years. As such, it's gotten to be a pain anytime I've had to tell folks the address.

So the new site is cleaner, more functional and with a new title: "Riddick & Reynolds" (riddickandreynolds.wordpress.com), an homage to State's athletics roots at its two venerable venues, Riddick Stadium and Reynolds Coliseum.

Henceforth, all new content from me will appear there. I'll keep YANCSSB up to help direct folks to the new site; please update your bookmarks and links accordingly.

It's important to keep growing...this is part of that growth.

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Changes To YANCSSB Forthcoming


Some changes for the blog are on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Adventures In Re-Translated N.C. State Sports News


Google alerts is a wonderful thing. It delivers to my inbox everyday news about State, Sidney Lowe, The Wolfpack, er, Wolpfack, Tom O'Brien and more. It's a great way to stay on top of news as it breaks.

It also occasionally delivers some quirky, off-beat items like it did this morning.

Long story short, it sent me a link to a re-posted article of Mike DeCourcy's from April 29th. That's nothing new or noteworthy in and of itself, except this particular re-post seems to have been translated from English into another language...and BACK into English:
3. Is alighting C.J. Leslie what N.C. State indispensable to get behind to the NCAA Tournament?
Leslie, an chosen energy brazen prospect, simply is the many desired partisan to dedicate to N.C. State given J.J. Hickson.

Scout.com has Leslie rated No. twelve in the difficulty of 2010; he was pursued by Kentucky, Connecticut as great as Florida, between others.

Leslie joins the well-regarded recruiting difficulty that additionally facilities wing Lorenzo Brown as great as indicate ensure Ryan Harrow. Presuming brazen Tracy Smith earnings from the NBA draft, State should have the many gifted organisation given Sidney Lowe’s initial season, 2006-07, when he flopped with the talented, maestro group.

N.C. State took the Hoiberg-style risk in 2006 by employing Lowe, the indicate ensure for the Wolfpack’s 1983 inhabitant pretension organisation who’d accomplished all of his coaching in the NBA. State hasn’t accomplished improved than ninth in the ACC since.

Leslie arrives with the repute as, shall you say, the high-maintenance player. Those who competence fit that difficulty who preceded him haven’t regularly contributed as great as DeMarcus Cousins did final deteriorate during Kentucky.

Oklahoma got the great beginner year out of Willie Warren, though he in conclusion showed the scouts were right about him. Lance Stephenson was reduction of the con than expected—but never the great fit during Cincinnati. Derrick Caracter took scarcely 4 years as great as dual schools to get it right.

If Leslie as great as Lowe click, the Pack could be back.
This makes me want to ask Mike the question, "What did you mean when you said, 'Feel my skills, donkey donkey donkey donkey donkey?'"

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We Knew Mays Was Leaving, But Et Tu, Josh Davis?


Men’s Basketball Announces Pair of Transfers

We knew last month that Julius Mays was planning to leave. It looks like he's decided to head to Wright State.

However, the big news out of State's camp today is that Josh Davis is planning to leave, as well.

Strictly from a numbers perspective, it makes sense that Davis would leave to another program for more playing time. With CJ Leslie coming in and a wealth of talent in the frontcourt already in place, Davis was going to get sparse minutes, at best.

However, it really stings from a team chemistry sense. Davis was that spark off the bench that Sidney Lowe could turn to for some rebounding or hustle to energize the rest of the roster on the floor.

Reading into Sidney's quotes from the press release, it doesn't seem like a decision he's happy with.
“Josh was one of the hardest workers we had this past season,” said Lowe. “Whenever he was inserted into the game something positive seemed to happen. Josh just expressed to me that he feels like he could have better opportunities at another school. We wish him nothing but the best.”
I think Sidney knows he's losing one of those "glue guys" every team needs...the guy that pushes the starters in practice, that picks the others up with their play, however sparse it may be. And in losing a true State "fan"--a kid that grew up loving State--from the roster, I think Sidney laments losing someone who shares that pride for the Wolfpack that goes beyond simply wearing the uniform.

As a fan, I wish them both well. I just am a bit puzzled and saddened that Davis is leaving, given the intangibles he brought to the team.

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Chris Baysden And The TBJ Are Facking Killing It


Though I don't have time (stupid lunch break only lasting an hour...), I felt like this needed to be said: If you aren't regularly checking in with the Triangle Business Journal as part of your N.C. State sports news search cycle, you need to.

Because it seems like they've been crushing it for the better part of a month now with articles on State's AD firing ERRRRRRRRRRRRR mutual decision to part ways, the new AD search, ACC tv contracts and more.

Chris Baysden--former editor at Technician and editor-in-chief of the paper when I was there--has been the point man for a great many of these articles, and he's using his sources to get the jump on a lot of these rapidly evolving stories.

The latest from Baysden is on the soon-to-be-expiring shoe contracts for both men's basketball and football. It's a great read (if not a bit sickening when you read the numbers). You should check it out.

And add TBJ to your news sweep each morning.

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