We've Moved!

We've Moved!
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The End Of YANCSSB; New Beginnings

This is the final post at Yet Another NC State Sports Blog.

I've made the decision to pick up shop and move from the Blogger.com domain over to Wordpress.com. I've been contemplating a move to Wordpress for quite some time now; this seemed like the time to make the move.

Also, let's be honest..."Yet Another N.C. State Sports Blog" is a mouthful.

I picked the name way back when as a pithy way to jump into a relatively crowded State blogging community. I guess I anticipated writing a few things here or there. I didn't anticipate it growing like it has, generating some ad revenue and plenty of good discussion over the last two years. As such, it's gotten to be a pain anytime I've had to tell folks the address.

So the new site is cleaner, more functional and with a new title: "Riddick & Reynolds" (riddickandreynolds.wordpress.com), an homage to State's athletics roots at its two venerable venues, Riddick Stadium and Reynolds Coliseum.

Henceforth, all new content from me will appear there. I'll keep YANCSSB up to help direct folks to the new site; please update your bookmarks and links accordingly.

It's important to keep growing...this is part of that growth.


  1. new AD, new recruiting class, new blog name...they times, they are a changin'

  2. mmmm bojangles