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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Spring Football Game This Saturday @ 1:00

Spring is in the air and pollen is on the cars...must be time for spring football!

State will conclude their spring practice session with a scrimmage open to the public to be held this Saturday at Carter-Finley at 1:00 p.m.

I've got to admit, I'm a much bigger believer of the way TOB is running the Spring Game than did Amato. Here's a quote from the story found at www.packpride.com:

Opening Thoughts:
The Spring Game is Saturday at 1:00. We will try to run the game similar to what we did last year and separate into teams. There will be no kickoffs or kick off returns and we'll definitely kick field goals and extra points if we're able to score. We will punt and punt return if we're healthy enough to do that phase of the game.

The teams will be split up on Friday morning after we get the injury report after Thursday's practice to see how we can best separate up. We'll play like we did last year, normal 15-minute quarters and game conditions for the first half and then we'll play a running clock in the second half just because we don't have enough bodies to last a whole game.

It's always good to play a game. Something always happens within the framework of a game that you just really can't simulate on the practice field even though you try. Every year something comes up that I think is real good for the football team one way or another.

I never was a big Amato basher, but when he switched the Spring Game from the "game" format to the Day Of Champions, with the tests of strength and agility in the RBC Center, I was thoroughly non-plussed. What am I supposed to take from the team heading into the summer by watching Adrian Wilson show off his ridiculous vertical leap? I'm impressed, of course, but that doesn't answer any questions about the team.

That last bold quote from TOB is EXACTLY what you want to hear from your coach. He's looking for every last opportunity to prepare his team for any and every gametime scenario that may arise.

We've got a FOOTBALL coach, folks.

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