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Friday, February 29, 2008

Hey! Someone else is pissed at his players, too!

Looks like Sidney's not the only coach these days upset about his team's rebounding and effort level. Who says women's basketball isn't fiery at times?

After watching it a few times, I'm going on record of saying the opening 15 seconds of this clip is one of the best openings of a postgame presser in sports history:

:01 -- The paper slam. From the very first frame, the post game stats get the business. It's forceful, angry and downright clumsy. In a word, perfect.

:04 -- "That's how I feel." Yeah, no kidding. Lemme guess: Pissed?

:05 -- The sheepish reporter/sports information director rushing in to place a recorder on the podium. Nothing says, "Oh sh*t!" like fearfully chucking up a $65 digital recorder onto a podium just to get the hell out of the way as soon as possible.

:07-:15 -- Blink Fest. I guess there's something about being in a blind rage that makes you blink uncontrollably. At one point, coach's eyelids seem to give out on him from sheer fatigue as he keeps them closed for a full second. If it's possible to pull an eyelid muscle, dude got really close to pulling it off.

Coach Mike Gundy salutes you!

P.S. This dude looks like Ed Harris.

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  1. That guy totally, totally, totally, totally, totally needs to find a less stressful job!