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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Tired Of Talking And Hearing About This Damn Game

Enough already.

Every possible angle, injury, plot, sub-plot and sub-sub-plot has been hashed and rehashed over the last month or so that honestly, I'm sick to death of hearing about this game. My Google Alerts inbox is overflowing with countless articles previewing the game -- 10 talking points here, What To Watch For there...Hey, did you know that Weslye Saunders is the son of a columnist here in Raleigh? It's TRUE!

(However, it gives me a small measure of comfort that all the Tar Heel fans in the area have had to listen to nothing but State/South Carolina talk wall-to-wall since ACC Operation Football (or whatever they're calling it these days). Misery truly loves company.)

Thankfully, all that ends tonight.

No more preseason talk. We'll have all day Friday and the following week to go over the gory details of what actually transpired -- not subjective opinions on what we THINK will happen.

For now I'm just tired of trying to wring any more blood from this pregame stone.

EDIT: Per the request in the comments section, tonight's weather calls for temps in the mid-70s, partly cloudy skies and only a 20% chance of rain. In other words, perfect football weather.


  1. Maybe a weather report? I here there's a chane of rain.

  2. You got it. Check the edited post.

  3. Now all the Heels fans see how we feel during basketball season, when the Duke/Carolina game rolls around. Also how the Battle for Tobacco Road is between only two teams, according to the HBO special. LOL, State basketball paved Tobacco Road.