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We've Moved!
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pep Rally TONIGHT, 7:00, Harris Fields

Help us launch the 2009 football season with an on-campus pep rally the night before the Wolfpack’s opening game against the South Carolina Gamecocks. Coach Tom O’Brien and members of his 2009 team will speak at the rally. O’Brien will be introduced by Dick DeAngelis ’58, a lineman on the NC State team that beat USC in 1957 to lock up our first ACC football title and a 7-1-2 season. The NC State Marching Band, cheerleaders and other student organizations are also scheduled to perform.

Questions? Contact Jeramy Blackford '04, Alumni Association director of student programs, at jeramy_blackford@ncsu.edu.

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  1. I wish they did more of this stuff when I was there...we had the homecomeing concert once a year and that was it...and even that sucked after Ludacris my freshman year...

    How was it?

  2. Well, I was hoping you could tell me...I'm Joe Father-of-three these days and couldn't make it.

    I hope it went well, or that someone who reads this can give a recap.

  3. sweet commitment there James!!