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Friday, February 6, 2009

A look at Virginia Tech

For some unknown reason in the cosmos, there are certain schools that State either matches up well against or seems to struggle with. Georgia Tech football seems to be a team the Pack always, always struggles with. The same with Maryland in football.

One team that State has matched up with on the hardwood in recent years is the Virginia Tech Hokies. The Pack currently holds a six-game winning streak against Virginia Tech, including three wins last year. In fact, State has only lost to the Hokies once since they joined the ACC, their first meeting as conference foes.


There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason why the Pack -- even in down years -- matches up well the the Hokies. In 2006-07, State laid an absolute arse whoopin' on them in the RBC Center, shooting an insane 66.7% from the floor, including 73.3% from three-point range. It was one of the most dominant performances a Wolfpack team has ever put forth in recent memory.

If the trend is to continue this year, it will take some of that harmonious, offensive-stars-aligning mojo in heavy doses. The Hokies are once again a solid program, ranked 40th in the RPI and capable of beating any team in the country as their win over #1 Wake Forest proved.

They enter the game on a two-game losing streak, however, dropping close games to Clemson at home and a road game against Boston College.

Their two big weapons are A.D. Vassallo and Malcom Delany, who account for the vast bulk of their scoring. Vassallo is a big man who can shoot well from the perimeter, so he could pose some matchup problems for the Pack. And, of course, Delany will challenge our guards offensively and defensively.

So the Hokies have a chance to snap two streaks -- a two-gamer and a six-gamer. We'll see if history continues to favor the Pack and keep them going.


  1. this is a must win for us if we want to salvage the season. and it's a must win for V Tech if they want to start impressing the NCAA selection committee. we certainly haven't played well on the road this year, so i'm not overly optimistic.

  2. It appears it will be a contest of which team's "Big 3" plays the best; Vassallo, Delaney, and Allen or Fells, Costner, and MacCauley.

  3. So how many teams actually get BETTER as they hit ACC play? Virginia Tech, from a statistical standpoint, certainly appears to have done so.

    Their eFG continues to slowly climb, and their turnover rate continues to fall. Quite remarkable, if you ask me.

    I'm not saying we won't play well, but since we haven't won a road ACC game in... what... about 13 months?... I'm not guessing we do so today, either.