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Thursday, February 5, 2009

ESPN Ready To Share Running + Vomiting With The Rest Of The World

ESPN planning to cover the Krispy Kreme Challenge

Gotta love the notoriety the Krispy Kreme Challenge is garnering after just a few years of existence. There's something morbidly curious about events like this -- ones that usually involve insane numbers of calories, much like the Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Competition. People just like to take part in and experience it, even if vicariously.

So ESPN is planning to send a film crew to Raleigh for this weekend's event, to be held at 9:30 on the streets of downtown Raleigh connecting the Belltower and Krispy Kreme.


The most intriguing thing, per the January 26 article:
"We're also toying with the thought of having one of our own reporters run the race," Harves said. He offered no hint as to who that reporter might be.
Awesome! This sounds like something right up the alley of one Scott "Message Boards" Van Pelt, who strikes me as the guy who never really graduated in spirit. He'd be all over this, for sure.

I'd love to see Chris Berman's fat ass try to make it...but he'd probably just plop down at the Krispy Kreme counter and hit on all the winded coeds that come through the door.

Mike Tirico might give it a go, but again, him hitting on winded coeds would be a problem.

Van Peezy seems like the most logical choice.

In any event, 5,038 fast, hungry sons-a-bitches will be flooding the streets of Raleigh, all in the name of a good cause. And ESPN will be there capturing every glorious moment!

(Any chance competitive running/eating replaces poker in the off-hours rotation?)


  1. You're with me, saturated fat.

  2. I've heard of the Krispy Kreme Challenge. I think that it's freakin' awesome.