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We've Moved!
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Monday, September 22, 2008

See, THIS is how you start a tradition!

After all the balleyhoo and tomfoolery surrounding N.C. State's desire to kickstart "new" traditions, the folks on the boards at www.packpride.com have nailed it right on the head: THIS is the kind of tradition we'd like to see.

You see, when State exited the tunnel Saturday, two Wolfpack players were given the honor of carrying onto the field the United States' flag and the flag of North Carolina.


It was classy, respectful and mindful of who we are and what our role is as the Land Grant University of the state of North Carolina. We serve the state, first and foremost; this entrance echoes that mission.

As was raised on the thread, it's unclear as to how one is chosen to bring the flags onto the field. Perhaps the hardest worker in practice during the week? That would seem fitting, in my mind. It should be a reward, an honor and something to strive for.

But better yet, this (hopefully long running in the future) tradition-to-be just sort of happened. It was a decision made presumably by O'Brien, on his own. No online polls or marketing whiz-bang campaigns...just something that was done that has met an overwhelming positive response.

So congratulations, N.C. State -- you now have a "new" tradition! It's fitting how it came about...
on its own.


  1. I've been suggesting this for years (as others have, I'm sure). Even once wrote an old ACCToday.com column about it, that State -- as THE people's university -- should take it upon itself ot promote the school as such. We don't incorprote the state flag enough. Good move; 'bou time.

  2. How long before one of our players injures themselves on the statue because they can't see it because of the smoke? I put the over under at 12 games.

  3. Umm, this isn't exactly something groundbreaking and new as the Tarholes have been doing this for at least 10 years but I hope we continue to carry this on. I agree with the person above in saying that we ARE the state university so we should keep on doing it.