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Monday, September 22, 2008

Russell Wilson injured, will miss S.Fla. game, along with Irving


I mean...seriously?

Hopefully this is just coach O'Brien being ULTRA protective of RW and Nate Irving heading into the rest of the season, but you have to think that if it were just a minor or nagging injury for Wilson that he would see the field in the biggest game of the season for us. If this is a head injury, another minor concussion, then it could be -- I hate to say it -- possibly the last time we see Wilson at quarterback. I hate to think about that possibility, seeing how much he progressed over the three games he's appeared in. But bottom line, this man's future is in baseball. I think O'Brien realizes that, the medical team realizes it. While it would be tragic for his football career to end before it even really begins, Wilson needs to not put his baseball career at risk needlessly.

Crap. I just can't even put it into words how deflating this news is after such a big win against ECU.

And Irving's injury...again, I hope it's coach being overly protective of the health of his star linebacker and not indicative of something worse.

This changes the complexion of the South Florida game COMPLETELY.

[UPDATE x1] A source told WRAL Monday that Wilson has a shoulder injury - although it was unclear which one - and Irving has a high ankle sprain. High ankle sprains tend to be worse because they can linger.

According to one poster on the boards, Wilson was spotted with a sling on his right arm, which would add credence to the shoulder injury rumor.


  1. are we having more injuries, or does it just seem that way? this is ridiculous ... we'll have trouble getting 11 guys on the field if this keeps up.

  2. we need new athletic trainers for real, if we did this wouldnt happen so easily