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Monday, September 22, 2008

UNC news: T.J. Yates out for at least 6 weeks

I hate injuries.

I hate injuries when we get them, and I hate them when our rivals get them.

Lord knows we've seen plenty of them this year, so no one has to tell us how bad it feels to lose a guy for an extended period time. But you have to feel for the folks over in Chapel Hill, because losing Yates makes Carolina a far less dangerous team -- at least until (if ever) Mike Paulus gets comfortable under center.

I hate it because it means a team is not at full strength when you face them. You want to settle the debate of whose team is better when both teams are healthy all around, not have to hear (or use) excuses about "well, if we'd only had..."

As much as a hardened, black-hearted State fan can feel for Carolina, I feel for y'all.

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