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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NIT Brackets? YOU BET! Testing Three BBall Predictors Using NIT Brackets

If you're like me, it's hard not to get swept up in all the NIT madness...the 24/7 coverage, the selection shows, the lobbying from coaches on the outside looking in. It's CRAZY!

So swept up in the madness of it all, am I, that I've decided to test three different "strength" indicators using this year's NIT field. I'm pitting the RPI, Ken Pomeroy's ratings and the LRMC (Bayesian) rating system against one another to see which system will come out on top! Feel the excitement!

(Now, a note: Two of these systems--the RPI and the Pomeroy ratings--are at an inherent disadvantage because they don't take venue into account. The LRMC does. Given the NIT games--all but the Final Four--are played at the home courts of the higher seeded teams, the LRMC stands to gain from this advantage.)

So here are the brackets:



LRMC (Bayesian):


  1. So ... in other words, we're screwed?

  2. State's game is on ESPNU. first, i don't know why ESPN 360 isn't also showing it, but ESPN 360 does not like or can't to show ESPNU games.
    second, when a game is on the air there is almost always away to watch it via the internet. anyone know of a site? sbas2

  3. correction: "can't show" as opposed to "can't to show". egads. sbas2

  4. just checked espn 360 and espn 360 is showning state's game. sbas2

  5. ESPN360 is definitely showing our game.