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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Operation Purge Fowler

First off, I'm not going to bother putting together a Carolina postgame post. It's not worth it. Everything I'd say has already been said 1,000 times before already and I'd just be repeating myself.

This post is a call to arms.

This is to get you, the loyal Wolfpack supporter who cuts a hefty donation check to the Wolfpack Club every year, to do what you can to usher out Lee Fowler from the AD's office. Now is the time it needs to happen.

Today's game convinced me that the infusion of Ryan Harrow and Lorenzo Brown will likely not be enough to save Sidney Lowe's job next season. They can't improve State's atrocious defensive numbers, nor can they turn State into a better rebounding team. Until those issues are resolved -- and I've seen nothing over the last four years to convince me they suddenly will in year five -- simply adding Harrow and Brown won't instantly turn a bottom-feeder into an NCAA-caliber squad.

I so badly want Lowe -- a proud alum who loves this university and understands where this program has been and can be -- to turn things around and get it done. But if, after five years and with a 5-star backcourt, the Pack still misses the NCAA tournament, the only logical choice is to move in another direction. And with the way Lowe's hiring went down in '06, there is NO WAY Lee Fowler should be allowed to conduct it.


Further, State's Board of Trustees cannot be tasked with hiring an AD concurrently with a basketball coach.

Or a football coach. Let's not forget that Tom O'Brien (another Fowler hire) has yet to post a winning football record at State after three seasons, also. There's a chance that, after a disastrous year four, O'Brien could be staring at a justified pink slip, as well.

With that in mind, the time is NOW to replace Fowler with a new AD. A competent one who insists on accountability and results. One who's not intimidated by the Blue Bellies up the road, nor tells his constituents that daring to compete with them is a pipe dream.

So here's your call to action: You need to decrease your giving to the lowest level possible. Donate what you can to keep your WPC accounts active and to maintain your LTRs, but no more. Not one cent more. Most importantly, TELL YOUR WPC REP WHY YOU'RE DECREASING YOUR GIVING. Simply pulling the plug on the cash flow may have an impact, but if you make it clear to the WPC WHY you refuse to give more than the minimum, the impact will be much greater.

Do the same for your academic donations. Cease them, and tell whoever will listen why.

The only thing this leadership of this university seems to respond to is money. The big donors seemingly have have the ears of Fowler, the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees. So hit the admins where it hurts...the coffers. When it's clear that you're taking your money OUT of their hands when you'd rather gladly put it IN their hands, you'll get their attention. A few hundred or few thousand donors -- no matter your giving level -- refusing to give because of displeasure with the AD will make an impact, I promise you.

This is a change that needs to occur now, not next December or February or March. By then it may be too late. By then we may be looking for a new football or basketball coach and faced with the prospect of Lee heading up the search, or a delayed search due to a vacant AD office one year too late. And that's not something this program can suffer through again.


  1. Nice, now see if you can get Statefans and Pack insider in on the this. Mobilize every one.

    Ive only 16 years old and im already pissed at how much we suck, we can be better then this.

  2. not many people make good decisions pissed off! but i'm okay with a new ad. it's not a bad idea to bring in fresh ideas to that level of an organization. if anyone does pursue this and a new coach. i would hope that brad stevens (butler), bruce pear (tenn), bob bolen (msu, beckley) would be considered!!!!

  3. after the unc game, i decided not to give to the engineering department this year and to tell them why-the why being how bad the basketball teams are.
    one thing i can say for Fowler is that at least he has not extended Lowe's contract. am i right on that? so, after next years dismal season, it would not be that costly to let Lowe go. sbas2

  4. I totally agree with decreasing donations to the Wolfpack Club, but to decrease academic donations is rediculous. The university has been hit hard enough in the last few years by state and federal funding cuts to do damage to its academic integrity, but to decrease donations would only add insult to injury. Sports alone are not the reason for have a university - academics are. Please don't decrease academic donations. Maybe, take the money you don't give to the WPC and give it to the academic side of NCSU. You will still get your jab at the AD, the warm and fuzzies from donating, and you get the satisfaction of contributing to the greatest university in the state.

  5. Colby: The reason you decrease academic giving is to get the attention of our academic leadership. For so long now, they've viewed athletics with an antagonistic viewpoint--trying to compare athletic salaries with those of professors, blind to the fact that a strong athletics program enhances the OVERALL image of the school, INCLUDING academically.

    If academic giving suffers as a result of poor athletic leadership, they'll take notice, increasing the pressure on the BOT to make a change.

  6. James, If the university academic budget is strained any more, NC State will lose even more of it's renowned faculty and devestate any possibility of recruiting better faculty in the future. Class size will increase, and education quality will go down. What's the point of having a quality athletics program if the quality of the university itself is garbage? I realize that it would get the attention of the higher ups, but this strategy would be like a sprinter shooting himself in the foot so he could run a 100m dash faster. I think the strategy proposed in this post has the priorities of an academic institution in the wrong order.

    In addition, say for example, the university gets a new AD, new coaches, a NCAA tourney caliber BBall team, and a BCS caliber football team. The attention of onlookers would examine the university to see if they would potentially want to send their kids to college there, only to find out that the academic side of the school is in the gutter. Case-in-point, we need to have our priorties in line before we make any rash decisions.

  7. Colby: In my opinion, to wreak the kind of long-term havoc you're laying forth would take years of extended non-giving. I'm simply proposing a short-term, dramatic decrease in donations to communicate to the BOT that we--as alumni and fans--take this matter very serious. I'm NOT proposing a long-term drought of giving; quite the contrary. I feel a short-term burst of withholding that resulted in Lee Fowler's termination would be met with, and offset by, a dramatic resurgence in giving over the coming years.

    And if the replacement of Fowler with a competent AD had its intended effect of revitalizing the two primary sports of football and basketball to national relevance (forget dominance or even success...we're so far behind that we're striving for mere relevance at this point), you'll be amazed at the surge in giving.

    As study after study has proven, a prideful alumni base is a giving one. We haven't had anything to be prideful over in decades, yet we've still given. It's time our giving matched the performance we've seen on the court and field.

  8. Why in the world would you cut academic donations during a time when budgets are suffering? I understand athletics, but academic donations are far more important.

    NC State is an educational institution first and an athletic institution second. Don't sabotage the best part of our school.

  9. Well, I guess I will take this blog off my RSS reader. With recruiting on an upswing, I am severely disappointed in the "fire Lowe" mentality these board push.

  10. The school is getting it's ass handed to it academically too. Give me a break. Make the teachers teach and let writing books and articles be secondary.

  11. We are currently second or third rate at just about everything coming out of West Raleigh. It is past time to purge out the dead wood and incompetence plagueing our great university. It would be one thing if our academic side was truly world renowned and constantly in the upper echelon of college academia, but that standard is not being met either. We are good at nothing right now and it is time to demand change and results. Disappointment and Anger is giving way to Apathy among many of the alumni I know and that is when something must change.

  12. My mentality is Fire Fowler. Under his leadership, I'm not sure Lowe can succeed. I absolutely will not endorse the firing of Coach Lowe while Lee Fowler holds the reigns to hiring the next coach. He's an incompetent moron of the highest degree.

  13. I think it's definitely legit to stop giving to ANY department. The academics have despised the athletic dept for twenty years plus. When the money stops coming in, they'll take notice. They need to realize you CAN be both an academic AND athletic powerhouse--it doesn't have to be either-or. The mentality has to change or this will be a vicious cycle with this discussion forming in the next twenty years! Break the cycle.

  14. The academics at Northwestern and Yale are outstanding (athletics are not), but so are the ones at UCLA, Texas, UNC-CH, and even Clemson. They are proof you can be good at it all if you will let yourself (when I say "you", I mean "the school") and force Chancellor Woodson to stand behind what he said "we can win in the classroom and on the field" and get rid of those who don't follow that line of thought (academic eggheads and Fowlup).

  15. NC State is an educational institution first and an athletic institution second. Don't sabotage the best part of our school.

    I understand what you are saying and I agree with you, but I don't think this is the case. I think people in West Raleigh are unbelieveable hard-headed and you need to make them shake a little. Do you want to be the ACC's version of Mississippi State? I sure as hell don't.

  16. TruthBKnown ReturnsFebruary 16, 2010 at 9:00 AM

    "NC State is an educational institution first and an athletic institution second. Don't sabotage the best part of our school."

    It won't be sabotaged if the school dumps Fowler. Then giving will return to normal levels.

    It's up to NC STATE to prevent this from happening. Dump Fowler and all is well in Raleigh.

  17. Have you taken a look around lately? We are the Mississippi State of the ACC!!!

  18. Lee Fowler was granted a contract extension in 2007; his contract is now through the 2013 season. That was a huge mistake. I like to watch Sidney Lowe as coach, but as Lee Fowler goes I wouldn't want him to pick up the garbage in the RBC. Fire him today, we have a new Chancellor maybe he has the balls to get rid of him.

  19. "Have you taken a look around lately? We are the Mississippi State of the ACC!!!"

    I have and we need to change that. That's the intent of the comment--we don't want to be that anymore do we?

    If I have to choose a Bulldog team to model myself after I would prefer Georgia to be my "bulldog-of-choice" over Mississippi State.