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Friday, February 12, 2010

It's Carolina/State This Weekend For All The (Leftover) Marbles

The really sucky ones that are chipped that nobody wants.

Yeah, this is the second meeting between State and Carolina this year, and if it's possible, there's even LESS interest in this game than the previous go-round in Raleigh.

In January we knew Carolina was struggling, but State's win over Duke was still fresh enough in everyone's memories to give hope that the Heels could be beaten.

After losing that game--and every conference game since--the wheels have come off and the team that once showed fight and grit and hustle is now taking poor shots, standing around on offense and giving up easy buckets on defense.

So both teams, State and Carolina, enter this game with a "well, let's just get this over with" mentality. Could this be the first time NEITHER teams' fanbases care to attend this game? Could the Dean Dome be half-filled for this one? It's possible, especially given the weather.

If State wins tomorrow, that's great. Anytime you can beat Carolina it's a plus, and it would help pad Sidney's lousy record against the Heels (1 win so far). But just about everybody on both sides of this once-great war have checked out, including seemingly some of the players.

Tip is at 4:00, for those that care.

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  1. i do want to make a comment about statements posted at various sites concerning State players standing around on offense. i have noted the lack of effort from State players during games-especially Wednesday night; however, i have made an effort to watch the players on offense to see if indeed they are just standing around. well, specifically, i have watched Scott Wood. he does not stand around. if one watches him, one will see that he is constantly moving. Wood runs through the lane quiet a bit when State is on offense; however, i don't think enough screens are being set so as to free him for shots-not that he would make them.
    two years ago when Hickson played center, similar comments about State players standing around were made. its the offense being run that causes State players to stand around on offense. if players think that Smith is the complete focal point of the offense, then they don't have incentive to move just as they didn't when Hickson occupied the same position. sbas2