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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios: Quarterbacks Tonight

We know we're going to see Russell Wilson start tonight. We also know we're going to see Mike Glennon for at least one series, as well. Here's three scenarios I see playing out:

Best Case Scenario: Wilson Stars, Glennon Shows Promise. In this scenario a State win is almost a given. I can't see a scenario where both quarterbacks play well and State still loses. In this scenario, Russell extends his passes-without-a-pick streak another game, throws for over 300 yards and a couple of scores. Glennon comes in on his series and drives the length of the field, makes some plays with his arm, but shows some jitters and fails to score.

I know I'm begging the question: Why would Glennon not having a flawless outing be part of the "Best Case" scenario? I'll get to that in the next one.

Meh Case Scenario: Wilson shows some rust/sophomore stumbles but Glennon stars. Call this the "Problem Teams Would LOVE To Have" scenario. I put Glennon starring here and not above because a weak outing from Russell and a strong showing from Mike would naturally start the talk in the print media, radio media and among fans of a growing potential "quarterback controversy." The backup quarterback, as they say, is always the most popular player on the team and Glennon is the shiny object, the Ferrari with 00001 on the odometer. It's certainly not the WORST place a team with high aspirations could be, but if a crack occurs among the fans and prognosticators as to who is the better choice to lead the Pack, it could grow into a full blown rift if given the opportunity.

Worst Case Scenario: Wilson struggles and Glennon looks like a deer in headlights in his first real-game experience. This is the nightmare scenario no Pack fan wants to see: Their tremendously hyped quarterback struggles in the first game of his sophomore campaign, and the four-star security blanket looks no better. Two sub-par efforts from both quarterbacks (in almost a certain loss to the Gamecocks) would extinguish a tremendous amount of fragile expectations that were built this offseason.

I'm hoping for Best Case, wouldn't be shocked to see the Meh Case and am praying we don't see the Worst Case. Because if we do see the Worst Case come to fruition, it could be a lonnnng few weeks leading up to the Pitt game.


  1. i believe we saw the worst case

  2. Pretty close. I don't think Glennon looked like a deer in the headlights, but he didn't light the world on fire, either.