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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Pretty Thorough Timeline Of Events In The Easley Debacle

Charlotte Observer link.

The local papers have been digging through the documents released as part of the federal investigation of the Mike Easley/Mary Easley/NCSU nonsense. The above article gives a pretty clear breakdown in layman terms of the events that transpired over the last four years since Mary's hiring in 2005, along with accompanying snippets from some of the released documents.

Kudos to many of you loyal Wolfpackers out there who bombarded the email inboxes of Oblinger, Campbell McQueen, Erskine Bowles and others to voice your displeasure in the whole affair and how it cast a negative light upon the university.
Bowles said at the time he carefully reviewed NCSU's arguments: “I am convinced that the proposed salary fits the job and is fully justified.”

Again, angry e-mails flowed.

One woman addressed officials as “leeches on the backside of humanity” and closed with the request that “the whole lot of you crooks be taken down.” Bowles forwarded it to Oblinger, writing that it was a “nice sample of my in box.”

Oblinger wrote to Bowles that he was “sorry about this.”
The sooner this blight upon our school ends, the better.

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  1. 'His notes indicate talk of a five-year deal at $75,000 to $80,000 per year and work that would touch on law, public policy, ethics, the lecture series or honors students. In the margin, a single word is written: “wise?”'

    ethics ... nice.