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Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Official: State Vs. UT in 2012

Well, I guess we finally nailed down a date with the Volunteers.

After a few false starts trying to get Tennessee on the schedule, the news that State would play UT to open the 2012 season in Atlanta was made official today.

Counting the 2009 opener, we're four full years away from taking the field against the Vols, so there's no telling what either team will look like by that time. If Lane Kiffin can't back up the tremendous volume of trash talk and recruiting missteps he's already made in just a few months since taking the job, there's a good chance State could be facing a Tennessee team coached by someone new. And yes, there's a chance State could have a new coach on the sidelines, as well (fingers crossed that the current arc O'Brien's on extends well out beyond 2012).

Not to mention that the players that will decide this game haven't even completed high school or even junior high.

But it sure looks nice having State in a premier game against a premier opponent smack dab in the middle of some prime recruiting territory on big-time national TV. Let's hope both teams get there with a lot at stake (i.e. BCS implications).

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