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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

State 87, Central 59

If you look at the game flow chart above, you can see that the game was statistically over at the 7:08 mark.

You wouldn't know it based on the first three minutes of the game, in which the Pack fell behind 10-2 at home against the worst team in Division 1 basketball.

You also wouldn't know it watching State turn the ball over 20 times. After three solid games of protecting the basketball, sloppy, silly basketball made a return to Raleigh. State's point guard triumvirate of Julius Mays, Javier Gonzalez and Farnold Degand combined for 10, and Ben McCauley added another four just for good measure (peer pressure is a b*tch, I guess?).

I could try breaking this game down further. I won't. The team seemed as disinterested in playing it as I am right now in analyzing it and it showed in their slow start and sloppy play. A 28-point win is nice, but when you struggle to do so against the weakest team in America, it rings hollow.


  1. again, why did we play this game? the players seemed completely disinterested. I hope Coach Lowe got out of it what he wanted... I just don't see the rational.

  2. Terrible game to be playing, especially in the middle of ACC season. That Johnny Thomas slam was pretty awesome though.

  3. Curlyfry, we are watching you.

  4. ...ok.

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