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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A look at NC Central; or, Let's just this over with

Out of 344 Division 1 teams, KenPom.com has them rated dead last.

Look...I hate being the guy to say things like "Games like this are beneath us," and "There's no good reason for us to waste our time playing a team like this," but games like this are beneath us and there's no good reason to waste our time playing a team like this.


I hate saying stuff like that because it sounds eerily like the sorts of things that get spewed from our blue brethren to the west. But when it comes to basketball, teams literally don't get any worse than the Central Eagles. There's not much State could gain from playing this game, other than to let Kaycee Obi-Gwacham throw down a windmill or whatnot.

I would say this would be the perfect opportunity to let Javi Gonzalez see some major minutes, but last night Coach Sidney Lowe hinted that there are things other than his health and practice habits keeping him off the court. So don't look for him to play any/much, either.

I suppose Johnny Thomas could get some major minutes for conditioning sake. Perhaps Dennis Horner can work on his interior or perimeter game some (both could use improvement). But beyond that, I really don't see how this will be an entertaining game beyond the 15:00 mark of the first half.

If you're looking for scoring from the Eagles, look for it from freshman guard Jamar Briscoe. His points-per-game average has been steadily trending upward, and he now averages 16.2 points per game to lead the Eagles.

Get in, get a win, get out with no injuries.


  1. i don't see a reason to play this game either. Coach Lowe said it wsa just so the players didn't have to bang on each other in practice and break the monotony. but there just seems to be too much to lose and nothing to gain.

  2. The reason for the game is it puts something in the week lapse between UNC (Saturday past) and VT (Sunday coming), an 8 day lay-off. If I remember correctly, we haven't faired all to well with long lay-offs between contests over the past two years. Close games/loses with scrub teams and loses to quality teams that we probably should have had. I don't like the squad, but who else could we find other than a new team trying to make a schedule on anything it can find.

  3. i'd like to blame us no fairing well on lay offs. i understand why we are doing it, i'm just not so sure it's worth it. it was a last minute fill in, no doubt, and i bet there literally wasn't any other team that was willing to do it...

  4. The old thought is reverse here...usually you play better talent to improve your talent. Here we are playing worse talent, to make ourselves worse?

    To say the least, I'm scared what happens tonight. Unless we win by 40 and play lights out, definitely nothing to gain.

  5. Think this team and the coach need practice and plenty of it