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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A substitution pattern I can live with

Take a look at the minute distribution from last night's game:

Only seven saw double-digit minutes. The top three scorers -- Fells, Costner and McCauley -- tallied the top three minute totals. Tracy Smith saw 22 minutes but was hampered early with foul trouble, opening the door for Dennis Horner to play 25 minutes.

I'm not sure yet if this was a conscious move on Sidney's part, but I sure hope so. He kept his major weapons in the bulk of the game and they responded by posting the most points and playing the best defense. Fells and Costner in particular were the ones largely responsible for righting the ship at the end of regulation.

And I'm a fan of The Big Lineup Sidney started with last night. Smith, McCauley and Costner all on the floor at the same time, with 6'-6" Courtney Fells at the two guard. This team's strength is its forwards, and unless the opposing team is coming at you with three guards and two smaller, athletic forwards, I say run with it as long as you can.

Last night's box score shows a glimmer of hope that Sidney will.


  1. So, this may be crazy and lunatic fringe-ish of me, but, is there any way that the early season toying with the lineups were to pad (underpad) our stats so the opponents don't know what to look for? Thats crazy right?

  2. I don't know how to let you down easy on this one, but yes, that's crazy.

    I see you working, though...I just don't see how spreading stats across a bunch of players -- at the expense of wins -- would constitute any sort of logical strategy.

  3. sidney should play mr. wuf music videos before every game to get the team into it.

  4. You mean like videos featuring a small stuffed Mr. Wuf dancing to hits from the 80's? That would be AWESOME!


  5. shaun in downstairs officeJanuary 29, 2009 at 7:43 AM

    that right there is high quality