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Friday, January 30, 2009

Share your photos or stories of Kay

I was listening to 850 the Buzz this morning and the discussion of the impact Kay had on so many peoples' lives, and it got me thinking about creating a post where you could share your stories or photos of Kay with the rest of us. I'll try to "pin" this post for the rest of the week leading up to Kay's services.

Please feel free to share, either in the comments section or directly through email.

It's not a very exciting story, but I had the pleasure of interviewing Kay when I was a young student reporter years ago. Most of the coaches I met with at that time (mid-90s) were very gracious and patient, but she went above and beyond. The interview took place in her office; it was full of great memorabilia, but instead of it feeling like it was "her" turf, it just felt like a sanctuary for all the women who had played for her. It was a very comforting environment; very homey. She patiently answered all my questions and even asked things about me. I didn't have much interaction with her afterwards, but it really stuck with how just genuinely nice she was. -- Matt Lail

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