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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Davidson 72, State 67

Despite being 9.5 point dogs in this game, State fans have to feel pretty disappointed about how this game ended. It was there on the table and for whatever reason the Pack just didn't step up to take it.

The rebounding woes continue, particularly on the defensive glass. Loose balls weren't dived for; passes weren't crisp; there was far too much inactivity on the offensive end against the zone, and when time ran out on the shot clock the shot selection went all to hell. All around just a sloppy effort.

The story of the game is Stephen Curry's 44 points, but we all knew he was going to score a ton. I could care less if he scored 34, 44 or 64, but State, had it played up to its abilities, could've easily won this game despite Curry's effort and didn't.

It's frustrating to see what this team fall short of what it is capable of.

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  1. the game was lost early in the 2nd half ... we were up 3 and davidson turned the ball over something like 5 of 6 possessions and we didn't get a single point... we just turned it back over to them .. then, curry started heating up and we just couldn't keep the lead ..