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Sunday, December 7, 2008

All Things PapaJohns.com Bowl Related


PapaJohns.com Bowl wiki entry.

The game will be held at historic, if also decrepit, Legion Field in Birmingham, AL. Originally built in 1926, Legion Field hosted the "Iron Bowl" from 1948 to 1988, the intrastate rivalry game between Auburn and Alabama. In fact, the game being held in Birmingham--a major iron and steel manufacturing city--is what branded the game its name.

Legion Field wiki page

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No doubt Tom O'Brien is the most relieved at this point in garnering the bid, as it opens the door for the Pack to begin its series of practices leading up to the game.

They'll need every one of them to prepare for a red-hot Rutgers team that finished the season on a six-game winning streak. They outscored their opposition 243-94 over those six games, capping off the streak with a 63-14 ASS-WHOOPIN' over Louisville.

No doubt this will be one of the toughest games the Pack will play all year. If State has really turned the corner as a team, particularly on defense, this game will be the ultimate litmus test of it.

Rutgers' ESPN.com team page

Rutgers Scout.com forums


  1. considering how both teams started the season, this is a great match up for the papajohns.com bowl... despite the records, both teams are playiing top 25 football..

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  4. Hoover Microtel? What kind of name is that?

    Normally I would delete spam like this, but, given that this is a post about the PJ.com Bowl AND there may be folks looking for a place to stay...I'll allow it.

  5. you must've changed addresses, it used to be 4545 Blomy Rd.

  6. We'll be getting a big group together of nc state friends and alumni to watch the game at black finn in downtown charlotte if anyone in town can't make it down to the game and is looking for a place to watch it.