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Friday, November 7, 2008

Injury Report Update: Nate Irving, Julian Williams to play against Duke


It's yet to be determined just how much Irving will play, but as we've clearly seen this season, his absence is felt almost as soon as he leaves the playing field.

Having him back to patrol the middle will be key in limiting the intermediate passing game and should elevate the play of everyone around him. Let's just hope he makes it through this game unscathed, as we'll certainly need him the rest of the way.

Some good news to start a Friday is always appreciated!


  1. It's my first trip to Duke...any tailgating, traffic, etc. tips?

  2. No tips? ok I'll just wing it!

  3. Hey David, all I can say is...it is Duke and their fans still aren't really showing up for games. I almost expect more State fans than Duke fans.

    I've only driven by the stadium never actually been in so I can't offer many tips, but traffic shouldn't be bad unless Duke BBall is having a game that night.