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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nate "Full Of Hate" Irving out for the Maryland game

It's not shocking. The way he got rolled up intentionally injured on the downfield block that took him out for the remainder of the FSU game, you just knew he was going to be on the shelf this week.

It's unfortunate because we're coming up in Maryland's "lay an egg" portion of the schedule; we're not ranked and they should be huge favorites, giving us a good shot to win. And I only say that half-jokingly. Having Nate in the lineup would've made an upset in College Park even more likely.


But Dwayne Maddox should be getting more comfortable on the field by this point. Hopefully we'll see solid play from him the remainder of the year.

The question from here on out becomes, "Do you play Nate any more this season?"

It's apparent that teams will attack his ankle when he's out on the field which only increases the risk of losing him for much greater periods of time or even for the rest of his career. I think I'd almost rather shelve him, let him heal and let him begin prep for the 2009 campaign, when a more experienced Maddox will join Irving and a slew of other young talent to form what should be one of the better linebacking crews in the league.

With each passing week and loss, the goals State is fighting for become less and less valuable, and as such, the coaches have to look at what pieces of the long-term puzzle they are putting at risk to achieve it.

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