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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to meet women and get famous, the Eddie Goines way

Former Wolfpack wide receiver set to star opposite Beyonce in video

I'd say Eddie Goines is a lucky man, but that would be grossly understating it. The man who set quite a few Wolfpack receiving records during his time in Raleigh (before some guy named Torry broke 'em all) is making a name for himself out in Hollywood.

After paying his dues playing bit parts in television shows and B-movies (who could ever forget his riveting role as "Military Guy" on the NBC soap "Passions"?), Goines is taking a big leap forward as the love interest of none other than Beyonce Knowles in her latest video.

Yeah. That Beyonce.

Dude, if you never act in another TV show, movie, infomercial, self-help video or OSHA training video from here on out, you've done alright for yourself.

EDIT: Thanks to my boy Matt for tossing this classic Eddie G photo my way. How did he not beat out Clyde Frazier for the commercial role? Just imagine Eddie sitting beside Keith Hernandez screaming "REEEEEEE-JECTED!"


  1. didn't he play one of the wheel chair guys from an episode of My Name is Earl?

  2. He did, he did. He was the one who stood up at the end of the game.