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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hey kids! More bad news!

Just when you thought a broken record couldn't get any more broken:

- Starting tailback Jamelle Eugene is out for the USC game with an ankle injury;
- Strong safety Javon Walker's knee injury is season-ending;
- Coach O'Brien is keeping OL Curtis Crouch out of the USC for undisclosed reasons;
- Thomas Barnes and Kyle Linney are both transferring out of the program;
- OL recruit Sam Jones will not join the team until January, at the earliest

Just the kind of news you love to hear heading into the SC game, right?

Hey, if you're a State fan, you're kind of used to this stuff by now. I don't know who, but someone, somewhere, at some time in history must've done some pretty nasty stuff on State's behalf because apparently we're still operating in a tremendous Karma deficit (that has seemingly been in effect for the last century or so).

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