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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ed Begley, Jr. :hearts the Pack

First off, sorry for my sparse posting this week. With the opening game of the football schedule just two+ days away, work picked a hell of a time to pick up and kick my arse.

Given that, I'm going to cut some corners and steal some material from Steven over at Section Six.

From the files of "Damn we're bored and need something to do," the folks at Rivals calculated the total amount of driving distance a team must travel for all of their away games.


Turns out we came in first (or 119th, depending on your perspective) out of all the FBS schools in shortest total travel distance. If you road trip all of our games this year, you can expect to travel only 1,734 miles, round trip.

That sounds like a lot, but it blows away the field. Number-118 Purdue is a full 500 miles behind us with 2,280.

The most? Fresno St. fans can expect to log 18,190 miles on the road traveling to their seven road contests.

(You may be wondering about Hawaii. They were exempt from these rankings on account of the miles not being driveable.)

So for those of you Greenies out there on the fence, looking for a team to get behind this year, look no further than the Carbon-Footprint-Featherweights in Raleigh.


  1. That's my copy of "On the Road." Did you know that Jack visited Dunn!? ;)

  2. You may have mentioned it a time or two.