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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

...and then there were three.

QB battle trimmed to Evans, Wilson and Glennon.

You could almost see this coming, given how few reps Harrison Beck and Justin Burke were getting in the scrimmages. Glennon was getting the lion's share of reps and Wilson must've shown the coaches something that keeps him in the race. Evans, by no surprise, is still in it, but it appears that he's no longer a lock to be the starter for the South Carolina game based on TOB's language:
"I don't have anything to say about them individually," said O'Brien. "The idea is to find a guy who we think we can win with. We made that decision [to cut it to three]. Those three guys all have something we like about them, and it's all down to how they perform in these next two scrimmages."
A part of me keeps rooting for Burke to do something to get on the field, but it's clear at this point that he lacks some key ability to do it, be it accuracy, strength or leadership. I thought he looked the best out of the bunch at the Spring Game, but perhaps that was simply an anomaly. He seems content at this point to serve in a backup capacity and earn a degree for free, which I certainly can't begrudge (especially after dealing with that beech Sallie Mae this morning).

As I wrote yesterday, I would like to see Glennon redshirt this season, get more comfortable with the team, the playbook and build some size to increase his durability. But it looks like TOB is open to the idea of him playing season, perhaps from day one. If Glennon is to play this year, I would like him to play the first game. The worst case scenario, in my mind, is to sit him the first half of the year and then bring him in mid-season if we stuggle. At that point you've burned a full year's eligibility for 5-6 games of experience as a true freshman. It wouldn't be the first time that's happened to a player, though, and preserving eligibility doesn't seem high up on the list of factors for O'Brien as to who plays and who doesn't.

I still think Evans starts the South Carolina game, but at this point Glennon and Wilson seem to be closing the gap...stay tuned.


  1. I understand the point of redshirting Glennon, but honestly, what are we getting? You don't learn anything from the sideline. It might hurt us a couple wins this year playing him, ubt how much would that help up down the road? maybe 2 more wins next season and the next. it's just a guessing game. Evans is capable, but he's not spectacular. Glennon just might be a difference maker in the long run. As for Russell, maybe he can be a Antwan Randell El type guy. he can line up at QB, RB, slot, or whatever and just mess with the defenses heads.

  2. The return of Slash?

    Maybe we can get Cowher to tutor Wilson on how best to fill that role.