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We've Moved!
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In this empty space...

...is where I would've normally written a nice preview and subsequent game-by-game recap of the Super Regionals.

But when I couldn't find time to write a preview, I skipped it, hoping for the best in game one. Then we lost game one spectacularly. So then I held off to see what would happen in game two, praying for a good showing. We won that one, so I figured, screw it, don't jinx it by writing a THIS IS FOR THE WHOLE BALL OF WAXXXXXXXX!!!!! post. And, as it turns out, a lot of good that did.

So this is simply a congratulatory post to State's baseball team. You made it to the Super Regionals and won a game at that level for the first time in the program's history against a very hot-hitting Georgia team. Nothing to be ashamed of AT ALL. You carried the Pack banner proudly, and got a lot of casual Wolfpack baseball fans (like myself) biting nails and huddled around radios.

I think pitching coach Tom Holliday did a wonderful job this season assembling one of the best and deepest pitching staffs in college baseball, so the two biggest questions heading into next year will be A) can we keep him, and B) how many of the draftees stick around to try and make another run for Omaha?

Let's hope the answers are:
A) Yes
B) Just about all of them.

Thanks again, Pack Nine: You gave us something to cheer about at the tail end of an athletic calendar that was fraught was disappointment many times along the way. That alone was worth it.