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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ESPN features Markus Kuhn in piece on foreign-born players

Mark Sclabach's piece

Got to give some love to my favorite Wolfpack player, Markus Kuhn. His story is remarkable--he and his dad trekking to the U.S. to do some door-to-door recruiting.

But moreso than that, he's just a beast. If he stays healthy all four years, I could see Markus being a dominant lineman at the college level. With his speed, he would make a nasty middle linebacker in the mold of a Brian Urlacher at the pro level, able to break RBs in two with his size and strength and pass defend across the middle with his quickness.

Willie Young may be getting all the preseason ink at the other defensive end position, but Kuhn will be making the big plays this season, mark my word.

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