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Friday, May 23, 2008

A Tiger Ass-Whippin' At The Tourney

Wolfpack Wins 10-0

You know you've had a bad night at the park when you've been mercy-ruled. That's just what State dropped on Clemson last night, a 10-0 drubbing that was called in the 7th on account of the mercy rule.

Seriously? The mercy rule? I thought they did away with that once you graduated out of the Babe Ruth leagues.

Sucks to be Clemson. Clayton Shunick of the Pack was on his game, pitching a two-hit shutout in the win.

As for the Pack, after handing the Jackets a gift-wrapped game in the tournament opener, they need some help to advance to the championship game. First, State has to pray that Clemson shakes the cobwebs loose and knocks off Georgia Tech in the 10:00 tomorrow. Failing that, even if State were to knock off Miami in the 1:00 game, Miami would hold the tiebreaker in a three-way tie between State and Georgia Tech.

Losing that Georgia Tech game was costly, but the way the team responded against Clemson is a good sign. State now has to hope that impressive win will sway the NCAA regional selection committee in the Pack's favor. A win against Miami, regardless of whether it gets them in the championship game this weekend, would go a long way toward that goal.