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Monday, May 17, 2010

TBJ: ESPN Outbids Fox For ACC Television Rights

Looks like ESPN will be paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $155 million/year over 12 years, or $1.86 billion.

It would be an increase of about $88 million per year than the $67 million/year the ACC currently receives, and would be about $30 million or so more per year than folks were predicting, meaning each school will net a little over $2 million/year than expected. That's a good thing.

The bad news is that the ACC's proposed deal is still dwarfed by the SEC's $3 billion deal over 15 years, meaning the SEC nets about $50 million more per year than will the ACC. In the world of college sports, where the never-ending facilities and coaching salary arms race requires more and more funds every year, a difference of $3 million+ per year, per school could further distance the means of schools in the SEC versus other leagues.

And the next big question is what bearing does this deal have on all of the expansion talk of late? Does it secure the ACC's position more? Does it include a flexible clause to allow for changes in that figure should teams be added or--gulp--removed from the conference ranks?

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