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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Smedes York To Head AD Search Committee

Hmmm... I thought we were securing the services of a third-party search firm?*
RALEIGH -- Former Raleigh Mayor Smedes York will head a 13-member search committee for a new athletics director for N.C. State University, the university announced Wednesday.
Not sure how I feel about this. Just as I have concerns that Bobby Purcell may be too connected to the existing structure of State's athletic department, I have the same concern about York--former Director of State's Board Of Trustees and no doubt close to Purcell--being able to evaluate all the potential candidates in an unbiased fashion.

If you're Purcell, you have to feel good about this improving your chances of landing the job. Again, I have no issue with that, but I want the vetting process to be as transparent, fair, widespread and rigorous as possible.

*UPDATE: Apparently in the GoPack.com press release, it states that the 13-person university committee will, in fact, be relying on an outside search firm to compile a list of viable candidates. The News & Observer piece above built on that release left that factoid out. It's not an insignificant point, either.

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