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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Latest From TBJ: Interim Chancellor Jim Woodward Informed Fowler Of His Fate In March

Pretty brass move for an interim chancellor, if you ask me. I knew I liked that guy!
Lee Fowler has known since March that his run as athletics director at North Carolina State University would end June 30, Chancellor Randy Woodson said Tuesday afternoon.

In a telephone interview a few hours after the university announced Fowler’s resignation, Woodson said that former interim chancellor Jim Woodward informed Fowler in March that the university would part ways with the athletics director by June 30.

Woodson added that the timing of the announcement was left up to him.
Wow. How you like them apples?


  1. Now that's what I'm talking about!!!

    I like this new administration--they have guts. Thank you for listening to us Chancellor Woodson.

  2. Just so we're clear, Fowler had 2 months to shop himself to potential employers, and found no takers?

  3. That is correct, my mulleted friend.