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Friday, May 14, 2010

Jeremy's Latest: Standing On 20--A Note On Behalf Of Bobby Purcell

Jeremy M.

A man in red stands weary at the blackjack table, his last good winning streak having ended hours ago.  One card sits in front of you face up, it is a King.  Tired fingers bend up the corner of the face-down card and you see a Jack underneath.  A quick peek at your chip stack reminds you that there is much riding on this hand.

Bobby Purcell is that Jack.

The business acumen of Mr. Purcell cannot be questioned.  The Wolfpack Club is far beyond a small business and I have no doubt that he has had to make tough decisions in eliminating and hiring personnel.  His love and enthusiasm for our university cannot be questioned.  How much his past relationships to entrenched figures (our SID office for example) would affect his personnel process is however a question I would ask him if I saw him today.

It seems like lately the house has been at 21 almost every hand and it is getting rather tiresome to see the chips pushed everywhere but here.  We really, really want to hit and cross our fingers that the next card off the deck is that Ace we need for blackjack...perhaps an unhappy AD from another large state school or an up-and-comer with an eye for success.  We have learned however than an outsider might give a good interview but then end up bringing a loser's mentality to the university we love and be more caustic than enthusiastic.

State fans are notoriously pessimistic when the pendulum is at a low point and notoriously optimistic at moments of opportunity.  But we can't afford to draw a 6.  And anyone that has ever played blackjack before knows that the Jack already gives you one hell of a hand.

Let's stand on 20.


Editor's Note: Jeremy has nuts of steel if he's ever hit a 20. Yours truly has a hard time hitting a 17, even when the odds are in my favor. So, word to the wise: Don't spot Jeremy a stack at the table. :-)


  1. I would love for him to get it. However, the only problem I've heard is that there is not really anyone that could take his place as head of the Wolfpack Club. At least, no one with his type of connections.

  2. Knowing you have a competent head of the Wolfpack Club is secondary to knowing you have a competent Athletic Director.

  3. Putting a winning product on the field will do wonders for drawing qualified people to our great university...