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Monday, March 29, 2010

YANCSSB Makes An Appearance At Dr. Saturday

Doug Gillett of Dr. Saturday (Yahoo's college football blog) contacted me last week about contributing to their piece on Tom O'Brien and his relative hot seat-ness. (?)

You can find his full piece here.

Other than a couple of wrong assumptions (namely, that Russell Wilson was pulled during the SC game due to poor performance in favor of Mike Glennon, when in reality O'Brien planned to give Glennon snaps that game regardless), it's a solid piece.

Here's my quote. I'd be curious to know your thoughts. Am I off-base?
It's time to see some tangible, meaningful wins beyond merely beating Carolina every year. If -- after three years with Russell Wilson at QB and plenty of time to build depth across the roster -- O'Brien can't muster at least seven wins and a bowl appearance, the drums of war will start beating pretty loudly. There are positions on the field that look good, like quarterback and the offensive line, but others that are still razor thin, like the secondary. And given that defense was what held this team back from reaching its potential last season, another sub-par defensive unit could scuttle 2010 and perhaps O'Brien's job.


  1. I disagree. I am completely fine with a football team that shows progress and beats UNC next year. But, some assistants should be in the hot seat if they can't develop their units.

  2. i've never one to nail some ultimatum to the wall, but if we don't get to at least a bowl next season, i will be disappointed to say the least.

  3. i am not at this time upset with O'Brien's progress. beating UNC three staright times, especially when they really wanted to win last year, is not all that bad. Amato, with his hap-hazard recruiting, left the team in a mess and its going to take time for O'Brien to rebuild.
    however, you assessment of the picture is not that far off. another bad season will have fans begin jumping ship. sbas2

  4. ^ Amato's recruiting was real bad alright...Mario Williams, DeMario Pressly, TA McClendon (who kinda fell off), Andrew Brown, Toney Baker, Russel Wilson (that's right) and I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty others. Amato's problem was not recruiting.

    I'm sorely dissapointed, because I said from Day 1 that O'Brien was a bad hire, and all the people who liked him said 'year 3 is when he makes the turn, that's what he did at BC' I'd MUCH rather lose to Carolina every year and compete for the division crown and a better bowl then beating UNC and trying to get to .500 to qualify for a .com bowl.

    Regardless I don't think this is going to be the season for change...there's a mighty tough schedule ahead!

  5. ^Willie Young, Alan Michael Cash, Tank Tyler, Manny Lawson, Jerricho Cotchery, Philip Rivers, John McCargo....
    I think everyone would agree that they would rather compete for the division title every year than just beating UNC and going .500, but it's not like Amato was competing for the division every year and now we're going .500. We are still better off with TOB than a half-retarded coach.
    I do think it's bad assistant coaching more than bad head coaching right now (which would mean bad hiring by the head coach).

  6. Who got better in the Atlantic? FSU? You guys may have a shot at the Atlantic. You never know.