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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Red-Hot Pack On Two-Game Winning Streak


Ok, so the title was a little tongue-in-cheek.

Nevertheless, State wins its second ACC game in a row, the first time State's won back-to-back conference games this season. That brings them to four conference wins, deadlocking the bottom of the conference in a three-way tie for 10th (Miami and UNC).

The win ensures that State, at 16-13, can finish no worse than .500 before postseason bids are handed out, and if the Pack can win one more game between now and the end of the ACC Tournament, a .500 record is guaranteed for the year. Not great, but better than most predicted this team to achieve this season.

As for the game itself, State rallied from a nine-point second-half deficit to claim the victory. CJ Williams played another solid game, Tracy Smith was his normal team-carrying self and despite some bad free throw shooting most of the game, the team hit the ones that counted down the stretch.

The Pack now heads to Cassel to take on an exhausted VT team coming off a double-overtime thriller against Maryland. The Pack may be catching the sagging Hokies at just the right time. VT will be desperate, however, trying to cling to its hopes of making the NCAA tournament.

With Boston College heading to Raleigh to wrap up the season, it's not ENTIRELY out of the question for the Pack to end the regular season on a four-game winning streak. Do that, then make some noise in the ACC Tournament and NIT...suddenly, 2010-2011 wouldn't be able to get here fast enough.


  1. it will be hard to beat VA Tech at their place. on a side note, with VA Tech in fourth place in the conference, despite their SOS, i can't see why they are not considered to be in the NCAA tournament. I know their RPI isn't good either, but if they remain in fourth place they should be a lock.

  2. i agree... a win at V Tech will be very tough. they need wins .. they're 8-6 right now ... 9-7 gets them in, i believe, so beating us would punch their ticket.. but if they lose to us, 9-7, or especially 8-8 (they're on the road at G Tech) will start looking pretty mundane to the selection committee...

    and i just realized that miami is 18-10 .. all 10 losses from the ACC .. nice out of conference schedule lady!