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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Maryland Recap

StatGame Season AvgOpp Season Avg
North-carolina-stateMaryland North-carolina-state Maryland North-carolina-state Maryland
Points 64 88 71 81 65 65
FG Att 66 54 55 61 57 62
FG Made 24 29 25 30 24 23
FG Pct 36.4 53.7 45.7 48.6 41.5 37.3
FT Att 16 33 20 22 19 17
FT Made 10 24 14 15 12 11
FT Pct 62.5 72.7 67.9 70.2 67.1 68.2
3pt FG Att 20 13 17 14 15 21
3pt FG Made 6 6 6 5 4 7
3pt FG Pct 30.0 46.2 35.5 39.0 31.6 33.1
Rebounds 37 39 35 39 35 37
Off Rebs 17 12 11 12 13 14
Def Rebs 20 27 24 27 22 22
Team Rebs 4 4 3 3 3 4
Assists 10 16 14 16 11 11
Steals 2 5 6 8 7 5
Blocks 3 1 5 5 3 3
Turnovers 11 9 12 11 12 16
Fouls 21 16 17 16 18 19

Well. Not sure what to say, really, other than that's what happens when your shots don't fall on the road. It certainly didn't help matters that Maryland was as hot as State was cold from the field.

I thought State had some good looks at the basket, and Tracy Smith did everything he could to keep State in the game. But shooting sub-40% from the floor on the road in the ACC isn't going to cut it.

A couple of gripes: State gave up way too many wide-open looks from three, either on dribble penetration or when State applied full-court pressure--three I can think of off the top of my head. Also, I felt like the scheme didn't allow for enough looks for Scott Wood. Getting him hot could've changed things like it did in Tallahassee, but I doubt--after that performance--he'll get another clean look at the basket anytime soon. Still, I would've liked to have seen some more sets run to free him up on the perimeter.

Credit to Greivis Vasquez for playing a monster 2nd half. That's what he does.

All in all, my rage level is about a 3-out-of-10...A certifiable "meh" if there ever was one. Winning on the road against a good Maryland team was a tough proposition. Tonight will give the coaching staff the coaching points it needs heading into the INCREDIBLY WINNABLE game against the Tar Heels on Tuesday.

A win would've been nice...but I'm not heartbroken, nor pissed.


  1. many blame coaching and/or State being flat for this defeat. i think its Vasquez. State will not beat Maryland until Vasquez graduates. of the last three games each has gotten worse for State and better for Vasquez. State is Vasquez's whipping boy. the only chance State has when they play latter on this year is that Vasquez wilts from the pressure of having to live up to what he has done to State in the past, and i doubt that happens. double team Vasquez and he hits the open man for a three. if Vasquea is not doubled, he takes his man to the hoop-easily. State's poor defense was a result of Vasquez on the mind of every State player. for State, Vasquez is like Kobe to all NBA teams-can't be stopped-and much like Canner-Medley and Jules in Jules junior year. i really felt sorry of Medley. sbas2

  2. It's up to you tonight, James... Steven's wussing out... you running a liveblog?

  3. Afraid not...I'll be screaming and cussing at a bar in Fuquay. I'll likely be Tweeting from the bar, though, so follow me there, if you'd like.