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Friday, January 22, 2010

Jeremy's Keys To Victory: Maryland

Jeremy M.
YANCSSB Contributor

After the huge win against Duke, here's what needs to happen Saturday at the Comcast Center for State to keep the ball rolling:
  • Turn the ball over less than 17 times. (Terps are undefeated when forcing > 24% turnover rate)
  • Javier Gonzalez and Dennis Horner need to combine for more than 20 points. (What a difference their scoring made against Duke!)
  • Be within three or ahead at the half. (Maryland plays a great game when they're ahead and shooting FT's)


  1. it will be interesting to see if State comes out flat after their big win over Duke. or if their new found confidence becomes shot much as Elaine's confidence when she found out Kramer was beating kids in his Karate class.
    i feel State can win if they continue to play like they did in the second half of the Clemson game and for the complete Duke claim. I look for Smith to have another big game. and maybe, Wood will play like he did against Florida State.

  2. opps! that should have been "Duke game" as opposed to "Duke claim".

  3. Surprisingly, we only turned the ball over 11 times. But #2 and #3 on the list were a big ol fail.

    Might it be that Horner excelled against Duke because their bigs are similarly unathletic?