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Friday, January 15, 2010

Keys To Victory Versus Clemson

Jeremy M.
YANCSSB Contributor

NC State will beat Clemson if they....
  • Hold the Tigers under 70 possessions (successful teams against Clemson have slowed the game down)
  • Outrebound their opposition (tall, tall order, but the guys in Orange have been outrebounded in all their losses)
  • Turn it over five times fewer than Clemson (face it, NCSU will get rattled by their stout pressure, but can they take some right back?)


  1. Coach Lowe according to ACC Now wants State to slow it down. I, not being the coach and having no one who says i can't coach if State loses, want State to play as fast as they did at FSU. I want State to trap and press like they did at FSU. the old addage is teams that press don't like to be pressed. sbas2

  2. I think by slow it down, he means to not panic against the aggressive clemson defense. don't rush shots. turnovers (lack there of) will be key to winning this game.

  3. Exactly. And make the Tigers work for shots.