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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Northwestern Recap

Points 65 53
FG Att 49 56
FG Made 24 19
FG Pct 49.0 33.9
FT Att 16 19
FT Made 11 13
FT Pct 68.8 68.4
3pt FG Att 14 18
3pt FG Made 6 2
3pt FG Pct 42.9 11.1
Rebounds 38 31
Off Rebs 10 12
Def Rebs 28 19
Team Rebs 5 5
Assists 11 10
Steals 9 9
Blocks 9 6
Turnovers 16 13
Fouls 16 15

Cold-shooting from the Pack and solid play from Northwestern defined this game. The Pack shot an abysmal 11% from beyond the arc (Javier Gonzalez hit the only two threes made by the Pack all night) and never shot better than 40% from the floor.

Northwestern, on the other hand, shot a filthy 58% from the floor in the first half. State stepped up the defensive pressure in the second half and got that number down to a more reasonable sub-40%, but the Pack offense never came around well enough to capitalize.

Gonzalez, Tracy Smith and Dennis Horner were the only effective players on the court last night. The contributions of everyone else were negligible, which is somewhat troubling if you're Sidney Lowe. The last thing you want is to have to keep shuffling lineups like last season in an effort to find a combination that works. The Pack needs more consistent play from its role players if it's to exceed this team's low expectations.


  1. Not only did they miss, they didn't rebound the misses. NW has 28 defensive rebounds? Give me break.

  2. we needed to get offensive rebounds to win that game, but we were standing around on offense too much. we aren't talented enough to overcome that kind of poor shooting.

    and finding the other two contributors will be the key to the rest of the season. i think painter and howell will be able to help there. and i believe wood will only get better as he adjusts to the college game. javi is our best PG and shooter, so he might need to play 2 guard some and if so, i think degand should get a chance to play. mays can move to the end of the bench with the walk ons for all i care. he was terrible last night. beyond terrible really.

  3. when mays goes to the end of the bench he should take c.j. willimas with him. c.j., who was to be a team leader according to himself, is doing exactly what he did last year when he started at the beginning of the year. nothing. should not a shooting guard shoot and score-not just take up space? if'n i was coach, i would take him out of a game, send him to the end of the bench and let him sit there and never play. when he asked why, i would tell him you are not doing anything, so why should you play. would that motivate him?

  4. "would that motivate him?"

    I don't think it would. In fact, I think it might poison the team chemistry that has been pretty much what this year's team is holding onto so dearly. C.J., along with Josh Davis, are two players that Sidney Lowe CONSTANTLY praises for their work ethic.

    If Lowe were to suddenly treat a hard worker and team player like C.J. like a cussed dog, what kind of message would that send to the rest of the team?

    C.J. is a role player. He knows it; we know it. I'm not expecting 15 and 5 from him every night, and if you are, too, you might be asking too much of him. His role should be to bring energy off the bench, play solid defense and generate havoc on the defensive end.

  5. James C. i don't disagree with you about C.J. being a role player, but i don't think C.J. sees himself as one. as i wrote, earlier this year he saw himself as a team leader. a role player can't be a team leader. a team leader has to make big plays. C.J. dosen't. i don't expect 15 and 5 from him, but as a starter i do expect somewhere near 10 points night end and night out. i know i am being hard on C.J. and i don't really like be critical of our players. however, becasue i have had issues with C.J. starting as shooting guard and not scoring from day one, i have been making some negative points with regard to him. sbas2

  6. unfortunately, CJ will need to be more than a role player for us to really succeed. he's our starting shooting guard. that's not a role, that's a key component. should he be a key component? well, that's not a luxury we have.

  7. Someone besides Tracy Smith has to be a scoring option for this team to have a chance. When your shooting guard averages less than 10 a game, you have major problems.