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Monday, December 14, 2009

Georgia Southern Recap

Points 57 75
FG Att 55 51
FG Made 22 33
FG Pct 40.0 64.7
FT Att 16 9
FT Made 11 4
FT Pct 68.8 44.4
3pt FG Att 12 17
3pt FG Made 2 5
3pt FG Pct 16.7 29.4
Rebounds 26 31
Off Rebs 11 6
Def Rebs 15 25
Team Rebs 2 4
Assists 8 20
Steals 11 6
Blocks 3 4
Turnovers 8 15
Fouls 10 12

Obviously this game's a few days in the rear-view mirror but I did want to touch on it briefly before moving on.
  • State lost three of the four factors (off. rebounding %, turnover % and free-throw rate) and still won by nearly 20. That tells you just how much better the Pack was at generating buckets. They shot an effective field goal % of nearly 70%, and that number was hindered by their 3-point-shooting.
  • Dennis Horner continues to play well in his senior season. Sixteen points, nine rebounds (both career highs), three assists and a steal was his line against the Eagles. The question now becomes, as we start to wrap up the gimmies, can he step up at this level the rest of the way? He'll need to insist on remaining a factor in the games against Wake, Arizona and Florida instead of being content to let Tracy and/or others carry the load.
  • Twenty assists on 33 field goals...that's some damn good sharing of the basketball. And this on a night when Javy Gonzalez sat out the game nursing a sore hamstring. C.J. Williams led the way with five.
  • The only negative I can think to mention is that State gave up 11 offensive rebounds to a much smaller team. That simply can't happen. Granted, GSU was missing a lot of threes (2-12), which can lead to some long rebounds. Their off. rebounding % of 30.6 is a respectable number relative to the average of Div. 1 (33.1%). Still, given that State had a decided size advantage and still gave up that many offensive boards is concerning.
All in all, a nice win in the old barn, setting the table for Elon on Thursday night.

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