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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why I'm Pulling For Duke Tonight

Because the legend of Herb Sendek seems to grow each and every year.

Because the stream of Herb Sendek articles about how State screwed up in running him off to the desert of Arizona continue coming four years later.

Because folks from the national media refuse to take the time to look deeper into the history of our program to gain insight as to why we weren't satisfied with Sendek after 10 years.

So now I'm forced to pull FOR a bitter rival AGAINST a good man who represented this school well. I can't take another slam piece from Gary Parrish, Gregg Doyel or even a ride-the-fence piece like the one from Caulton Tudor today. The only way for the articles to end is for Arizona State to fall below State in prestige. If Herb loses the national media's belief that he's a great coach, then maybe--just maybe--the articles will cease.

For that to happen, they need to get stomped in games like this tonight. And so though I loathe Duke almost as much as I do Carolina, I hate articles like the ones mentioned above more. Because they paint my school, our basketball program and me and you as fans as a joke. And beyond the pangs of bruised pride reading these pieces, there are very real and tangible negative consequences on the recruiting trail that threaten to continue this cycle of suck we seem stuck on.

So go Duke. Go K. Stomp the sh*t out of Herb's Sun Devils. A loss to ASU would only further these slam pieces and that can't happen.


  1. It won't matter dude...remember, these are the people who said "Sure Herb never beat Duke or Carolina, but who does?"
    So even if ASU gets destroyed, they will still look at the situation like nothing has changed. They will still say we "ran off a great coach" because we went to 5 straight NCAA's yada yada yada...if ASU wins, they will say the same...
    I just wonder if ASU fans actually beleive that crap for real, because if they do, then should a loss even matter to them?

  2. i supported Sendek when he was at state, but understood why many wanted him gone. i too am tired of the media stating what a great coach Sendek is and how wrong it was for State fans to put pressure on him such that he left. yes he did take State to five NCAA tournaments, but his teams only made it to the sweet sixteen once. here is how i would rate Herb among State's coaches in my life time: Case, Sloan, Valvano, Sendek, Maravich, Robinson. Maravich (i might have spelled his name incorrectly) didn't stay very long, so its hard to tell how bad or good he might have been. further, Case didn't win a national title but his 9 or 10 straight Southern Conference and ACC titles is hard to match, plus he is the father of ACC basketball. I once heard sour grapes Len Elmore list his 5 most influential coaches from N.C. I don't remember his mentioning Case. What an ingrate. the only reason Elmore's time at Maryland was worth while was becasue of the status that the ACC had earned starting with what Case built. waited along time to write that. now i feel better.
    :-) sbas 2

  3. I felt a little conflicted the other night for this game too. My biggest problem with Herb wasn't necessarily even the wins and losses.

    -It was the excruciating style of ball he played. I grew up loving college basketball and loving NC State. About 4 or 5 years in, I quit watching our games on television. Let me say that again, I quit watching basketball beacause of Herb Sendek.
    -There was no real "entertainment" value to the games. The offense was boring, predictable, and inflexible to the point that it felt like we had given up. I watched one too many streaks of us going 6-7-8-9-10 minutes without scoring. Sid may have some issues to work out with his team, but his teams can at least make adjustments. (I think I had a tear come to my eye when I saw NC State run a high-low post set for the first time in about ten years). -And while the Win-Loss totals don't reflect it yet, his brand of basketball is at least watchable. And gives us fans something to watch, as well as a sense of hope.

  4. As a 1972 graduate of N.C. State, let me assure my younger "Wolfpackers" that the disdain for anyone dressed in "carolina blue" will never go away. Having "TiVo'd" the N.C. State/carolina game the past two years, there is a specific moment in each game that I will fondly review many times. Nothing will probably ever compare to the 2008 game. With time running down, and the game no longer in doubt, N.C. State fans cheering WOLF-PACK WOLF-PACK in kenan stadium with no refrain from the opponent's fans was truly a Kodak moment.
    In the 2009 game, with 7:07 left, the N.C. State
    defensive back (#12/Monk) made a fantastic tackle on greg little that may have saved a touchdown, but saved at least a big gain and an easier field goal attempt. But here's the story!!! That thug had the audacity to stand over Monk and talk smack! HEY greg!!! IF YOU'RE GOING TO BRAG ABOUT A CRIME, SHOW ME THE LOOT!!! You lost the game man!