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Monday, November 9, 2009

State Gets It Done On Homecoming, 38-31

In a game equal parts excellent and maddening, State gets its first conference win of the season on homecoming against a struggling Maryland team, 38-31.

Willie Young intercepted a pass from Chris Turner on the game's first play and Michael Lemon's sack of backup Maryland quarterback Jamarr Robinson on the final play sealed the deal.

In betwixt those two outstanding plays from State's defensive ends were three Russell Wilson interceptions, a fumbled punt, questionable coaching decisions and boatloads of missed/poor tackling. But there was enough good to outweigh the bad -- three passing TDs and a rushing score from Russell Wilson, some solid pass protection and the defense holding a team under 300 total yards in what feels the first time in forever.

The record book don't ask how pretty it was -- just tell it either "W" or "L." State got to utter "W" for the first time since the Pitt game, and the team will take it.


  1. I thought i was gonna jump off of section nine when TOB declined that penalty...then I was like OK worst case it'll be a like a 40 yard penalty. Terrible call.

    Then to go all conservative and run out the clock, then go for it on 4th and forever? where was the aggressive play callling to try and nail the coffin earlier in the drive.

    Offensive line looked stellar though!

  2. As far as I'm concerned, it was a L - we only won because we Turner didn't play the whole game. I just hope that a miracle happens and somehow the defense improves in the next 5 days.