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Monday, November 23, 2009

UPDATE: Dana Bible Diagnosed With Leukemia

Per Heather Dinich listening in on Tom O'Brien's weekly press conference.
NC State offensive coordinator Dana Bible had been diagnosed with cancer, coach Tom O'Brien just said at his weekly Monday press conference.

O'Brien said he found out on Friday, and it was a very difficult day in Blacksburg on Saturday. Bible will undergo treatment for the next 30 days, and O'Brien will hire a temporary replacement to help the Pack get through this weekend's game against North Carolina. Bible coached the quarterbacks and wide receivers, too. He and O'Brien have coached together for 11 years.

"Prayers will be welcome, and they’re definitely needed," O'Brien said.

O'Brien is still in the middle of his press conference. I'll have much more on this in a bit.

UPDATE: The specific type of cancer has been identified as acute myelocytic leukemia.

Please take a moment to say a quick prayer for Bible and his family if so inclined.

You knew it had to be serious if he wasn't able to make the trip up to Blackburg, but I don't think anyone predicted this.


  1. very sad news...tough timing, and not for game reasons, but for the Holidays...good luck to the doctors...

  2. Other news about extend family : NC State's play by play announcer Gary Hann had prostrate surgery. He is expected to recover.
    Man is this team snake bit.

  3. Team is snake bit? More like the university...