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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Motivation, Thine Enemy Is Wolfpack Sports

Ugh. Can someone reboot me or something? I just...cannot...think...of...anything blog worthy.

We suck on defense. Boom. Blog.

We have abandoned the running game. Boom. Blog.

Coach O'Brien is sticking by Coach Archer, his scheme and his insistence that everything is fine on the coaching side of the equation. Boom. Blog.

I mean, this sounds like a total cop out, and it is, so I cop to the cop out, but there has been nothing of late that has occurred within the confines of campus that strikes me as worth writing about. It's all been hashed, rehashed, browned, smothered, covered, chopped and diced a 1,000 times by a 100 different outlets already.

Hell, the most excited I've been about N.C. State this week was when Adrian Wilson gave a shout out to Philip Rivers during an interview on the Jim Rome show.

Sadly, though, his shout out only reminded me that we never truly capitalized on their talents when they were here in the red and white, and frankly Rivers -- if not Wilson, too -- probably doesn't give more than two craps about the state of State football these days. They left for greener pastures and haven't looked back.

I could be projecting with respect to Adrian Wilson, but of our four "superstar" alums in the NFL (Wilson, Rivers, Mario Williams and Torry Holt), only Holt has been truly open in his love for his alma mater. Ironically, Holt's admission of still pulling for the Tar Heels in basketball -- the team he grew up rooting for -- caused some State fans to turn their backs ON HIM. He being the one that has worn State gear in rap video and in press conferences and hosts a charity bowling and golf tournament here in Raleigh to benefit his mother's foundation. Ridiculous.

So I guess I'm stuck in this recursive spiral of loathing and self-loathing with respect to State sports. It's sapping my will to write. I need a win this weekend -- a GOOD win, a win against a GOOD team in a convincing fashion -- to pull me out of it. That's all I ask, Tom.



  1. What rap video is torry holt featured in?

  2. He was in Nelly's "Air Force Ones" video years ago wearing State stuff. Nelly is from St. Louis and Torry was one of the league's top receivers at the time with the Rams and made an appearance wearing a State hat, I believe.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxGavd199X8

    Head to the 1:03 mark. Torry in a red State sweatshirt.

  4. regardless of the outcome, you won't get a win against a "GOOD" team. That "GOOD" teams is trying to be Bowden's 2nd worst team ever! I just want a win, I used to be one of those guys that said "i'd rather have texas beat that arse all day long then play E. Kentucky and G. Webb" but F that noise, bring on some cupcakes and lets go back to be #1 defense!